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A Message from Dr. Piatek

I am Dr. Jay Piatek. First, a little about myself. After graduating from Indiana
University School of Medicine, I completed my residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in
Indianapolis in family practice. I specialized in emergency medicine for eight years, before starting The
Piatek Institute. Since then, I have personally treated over 20,000 individuals for weight
loss and hormone optimization. I have had over 450,000 patient encounters in my
practice career.
The Piatek Institute has become one of the largest, most successful bariatric clinics in
the country. We are one of the few clinics in the US to manage pediatric obesity. Our
great success has been from correcting the underlying causes contributing to weight
gain. This is done by treating weight loss in a similar way as conditions like diabetes or
high blood pressure. For example, with diabetes most physicians use a three-pronged
treatment approach such as diet, exercise and medication. However, for weight loss, we
use a four-pronged treatment approach; nutrition, fitness, medication and powerful
motivational techniques.
I believe that everyone can reach a healthy body weight, feel great, maintain it
permanently and that is my only definition of success. You will be personally guided into
finding a winning strategy. One that does not involve will power but is done with one-on-
one counseling. You will be pleased to know that the Piatek Program is not for those
who simply want to take a weight loss pill or are fearful of change.
Yes, you will be challenged, but if you elect to meet this, an extraordinary future of
good health, energy and a better life awaits you. Perhaps for the first time, weight loss
will be an inspiring and enjoyable experience.
Let me personally invite you to come visit us with a complimentary 1-1 consultation
Looking forward to your success,"

Jay Piatek, MD